Sunday, 29 January 2012


Face Synonyms

Got a piercing and had to remove two days later as it was crooked and made wounds. For my surprise, tongue piercings are so much fun! You lisp, can't open your mouth properly and eat a bowl of soup only in one hour. I wonder if I snored.. Anyways, I am willing to get it re-pierced. Zero sarcasm here. 

Ooh, and by the way, don't go to Chambre 69. I was probably the oldest one there.  


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Yeah, please, help us. We tried nothing and we're out of ideas.

Look.. a man only treats a woman like a princess if he thinks she is better than him. A woman wants to be treated like a princess but wants a man who is better than her. It is like Dali's paintings: brilliant to think about but technically impossible in reality. 

New Toys 2012. January edition.

New Toys 2012. January edition.

No idea when I'm going to receive them. Hopefully no disappointment is coming my way. And seriously, force me to sleep when I need to, otherwise I end up buying stuff on Amazon or getting pierced. 

  P.S. Yay me! Finally I found "The Dice Man" book, took me ages to find the English version. 
Happy Happy Hippo. 


Friday, 27 January 2012

I look like a dog. where is your makeup? I'm serious

what is the perfect dinner for you?
what is the perfect whether for you?
what is perfect boyfriend for you?

who is the person you would call if your dad is in the hospital?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Try to join us all in the reality.

Slept for three hours. Studied all morning long. As every single day found out once again that is incredibly hopelessly stupid. Kept wondering why all the ambitions. Ran to the library to print out a dozen of cases. Went to zero lectures and all tutorials. On the way out grabbed Student Law Review hoping to become smarter. Had way too expensive coffee for a treat. Read a newspaper. Realized how much has missed all the friends. Texted some of them. Called Monika. Spend her very last money on three great books. Accidentally found a very old folder of photos From The Year 2008. Spend two hours posting them on FB. Should be studying now but is not. Has no idea how to end whatever is writing here thus will post some of the photos From The Year 2008. 


Ce n'est pas impossible

Ruta is having coffee in the West End and I'm enjoying tea with yogurt in my new favorite coffee shop Rose&Grants next to my home.
p.s I decide to start learning french again and now every day Im listening "Learn French with Michel Thomas" for 3 hours.

Reading: Charles Bukowski

Young in New Orleans

starving there, sitting around the bars,

and at night walking the streets for
the moonlight always seemed fake
to me, maybe it was,
and in the French Quarter I watched
the horses and buggies going by,
everybody sitting high in the open
carriages, the black driver, and in
back the man and the woman,
usually young and always white.
and I was always white.
and hardly charmed by the
New Orleans was a place to
I could piss away my life,
except for the rats.
the rats in my dark small room
very much resented sharing it
with me.
they were large and fearless
and stared at me with eyes
that spoke
an unblinking

women were beyond me.
they saw something
there was one waitress
a little older than
I, she rather smiled,
lingered when she
brought my

that was plenty for
me, that was

there was something about
that city, though
it didn't let me feel guilty
that I had no feeling for the
things so many others
it let me alone.

sitting up in my bed
the llights out,
hearing the outside
lifting my cheap
bottle of wine,
letting the warmth of
the grape
as I heard the rats
moving about the
I preferred them

being lost,
being crazy maybe
is not so bad
if you can be
that way

New Orleans gave me
nobody ever called
my name.

no telephone,
no car,
no job,

me and the
and my youth,
one time,
that time
I knew
even through the
it was a
of something not to
but only