Thursday, 26 January 2012

Try to join us all in the reality.

Slept for three hours. Studied all morning long. As every single day found out once again that is incredibly hopelessly stupid. Kept wondering why all the ambitions. Ran to the library to print out a dozen of cases. Went to zero lectures and all tutorials. On the way out grabbed Student Law Review hoping to become smarter. Had way too expensive coffee for a treat. Read a newspaper. Realized how much has missed all the friends. Texted some of them. Called Monika. Spend her very last money on three great books. Accidentally found a very old folder of photos From The Year 2008. Spend two hours posting them on FB. Should be studying now but is not. Has no idea how to end whatever is writing here thus will post some of the photos From The Year 2008. 


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  1. Ten tas ženklas Lands End Škotijuose randasi?
    Gražios nuotraukos;)